Remembrance – The Pink Chair Project

Haystack Wet Feet 300“Wet Feet” 24″x18″

Welcome to the website and blog for the art exhibit “Remembrance – The Pink Chair Project”!

This exhibit is a love story and celebrates the memory of Lynne’s mother in moving and beautiful images. While painting in Maine two weeks after her mother’s passing, Lynne sensed her mother’s presence as she painted an Adirondack chair of her mother’s favorite color – bright, knock-your-socks-off pink. After the initial surprise of that experience, Lynne began placing the chair into various locations that had special meaning to the artist or her mother. In this way, the artist has created a cohesive body of work that shines as individual paintings as well as a sensitive and powerful grouping.

Each painting has a story and the stories can be read on this website. Limited edition prints or cards with the images can be purchased by contacting Lynne. See contact information at the bottom of most pages.

If you go to the “Remembrance Journal”, you can read some of the comments people made while sitting in the pink chair, and add your own.

Exciting and new! The book has been published. Currently available on Amazon in both a Kindle and a soft cover edition, it will soon be offered in a hardcover version, and have a wider distribution, and be able to be found in Barnes and Noble and also in many parts of the world.