Meditation – First Lotus

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“Meditation – First Lotus”
Oil on Canvas

I have painted many times at the beautiful Sedgwick Gardens at Long Hill in Beverly, MA. It is the headquarters of the Trustees of Reservations, a wonderful group dedicated to the preservation and stewardship of our state’s conservation lands. I decided that I would take the pink chair there and set up next to a beautiful water feature with lilies and lotuses. As I set up, I was told that I was lucky – that the lotus had just opened for the first time. It was just gorgeous in it’s delicacy and I was taken by the sense of being in the presence of an ancient and exotic flower. I knew Mom would love it, so I set her chair up close to it so that she could get a good look.

I painted for several hours, always receding further away so I could have the benefit of the shade. I do like shade when I paint! I managed to stay in the same relationship to the chair so I could paint the same view. The painting came out a very rich green, and because of the oriental flower, I decided that it looked like Mom was meditating quietly behind the blooms. I like the way the leaves come in and out of focus and the way they arch over the chair like they are protecting it.

The original of this painting is available.
Price $650

This image is available as a Giclee print on paper or canvas.

A Giclee print is a museum quality print that has been professionally prepared with archival inks and archival paper or canvas and proofed by the artist to insure the greatest integrity of color match with the original painting. Giclee is the French word for print.

Lynne Schulte’s Giclee prints are individually titled, editioned and signed by the artist. They are available on either heavyweight paper with a two-inch border or on canvas that has been gallery wrapped so that it may be hung with or without a frame.

“Meditation – First Lotus” giclee on paper prices
12×15 – $170
9×12 – $110
8×10 – $80
4×5 – $26
“Meditation – First Lotus” giclee on canvas prices
15×20 – $290
12×16 – $225