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The pink chair sits looking out at the cove while the tide comes in.
Incoming Tide 8×8 Oil on Panel
a pink chair sits in a yard by the sea on the line where the sunlight turns to shadow
Between Sunlight and Shadow 12×16 Oil on panel
The chair sits at the top of Mt. Battie above Camden, Maine
Camden View Mixed Watercolor10x14 SOLD
Three chairs, one pink, sit in a circle for intense conversation
Circle of Friends 9×9 Mixed Watercolor
Lupines and Buttercups
Lupines and Buttercups 10×14 Watercolor
Pink chair sits by a small pond where the first lotus of summer has just come into bloom
Meditation – First Lotus 16×20 Oil on Canvas, Giclees available
steeple pink chair Well fleet
Centered View 11×14 Oil on Linen Panel – Giclees Available
Two Pink chairs watching sunset or sunrise
Conversation 20×20 Oil on Canvas SOLD – Giclee Available
Daisies with the pink chair
Daisy Love 18×24 Oil on Canvas – Giclees available
Beautiful lily pads and blossons; the pink chair is reflected
Remembrance 36×36 Oil on Canvas
The chair sits on the jetty in Rockport looking out to sea, while sailing school enters the harbor
Sailing Home 16×16 Oil on Canvas SOLD Giclee Prints available
The chair fights the wind in a field of lupines
Against the Wind 18×24 Oil on Canvas SOLD
Trees wrought iron umbrella, Highland Park, Poets Garden
Shelter 24×30 Oil on Canvas SOLD
beautiful pond with flowers and pink chair visiting
Visiting 20×20 Oil on Canvas – SOLD Giclee available
A pink chair sits in the water, cooling its heels
Wet Feet 24×18 Oil on Canvas SOLD – giclee prints available
Cape Cod beach, boulders, pink chair
Barrier Beach 12×16 Oil on Panel SOLD – Giclee print available
25 brilliant poppies by the sea
Garden by the Sea 36×48 Oil on Canvas – giclee prints available
Five birds sit on the pink chair while two eggs fill the nearby nest
Full Nest 11×14 Oil on linen panel Giclees available
Water lilies and pond reflecting the pink chair
Reflection 18×24 Oil on Canvas SOLD
Two different adirondack chairs sit on a hill with a view
New Friend 11×14 Oil on Linen Panel Giclees available
The chair sits in knee high astilbes and several garden ornaments
Hidden Treasures 18×24 Oil on Canvas giclees available
The pink chair sits looking out at the cove while the tide comes in.
Sky Blue Pink 36×36 Oil on Canvas Prints Available