Between Sunlight and Shadow

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“Between Sunlight and Shadow”
Oil on Panel

I was taken at how the chair sat on the line between light and dark in the yard and decided to paint it there. Looking at that chair, I thought about how much Mom would have loved that chair. It was her color, an intense knock-your-socks-off pink.

I had been reading Alla Prima, a Richard Schmid book on painting, at the cottage, and I decided to follow some of his advice to create a strong painting. I took a lot of care with this painting, doing an under painting first, so I could check the composition and value areas. I was not prepared for what happened. As I carefully started to paint the pink chair into the work, all of a sudden I sensed the presence of my mother. She was there! in the chair! And she has stayed with me through this adventure.

I completed the painting on site but later touched it up in the studio. When you first do a plein-air painting, there often are areas that are missed or need enhancing. It is a delicate dance to touch up without losing the original feeling. As I sat there ready to work on this piece in my studio, I felt again the sense of Mom being there.

The original is available.
Price $700

This image is not available at this time in either a giclee or other print. Please indicate your interest and Lynne will let you know if it becomes available.