18 Reflection web

Oil on Canvas

After I did the Remembrance painting I did a second one. I had a hard time choosing which photo to work from and so I decided to do both. It is smaller, but it is also a reflection piece. This one is called, (simply enough) “Reflection”. I thought it would be easy after doing the big one. No way, it was harder that the big one, and I am not sure why. Life is like that sometimes. Maybe that is the message I need to hear, a very personal one for me, that I always need to go into each experience with my eyes wide open and ready to do my best and with no assumptions. We think we may know what awaits us, but surprises are around every corner. Sometimes we get deeper into an idea by revisiting it from another angle or just waiting until our conscious gets out of the way. I did not plan to do as many paintings as I have done, but the subconscious messages keep pouring out, the more I do.

The original of this painting has been sold.

This image is available as a print from Fine Art America ( on Lynne Schulte’s site. These prints are open edition and not signed. They are delivered directly from the company.