Remembrance Journal

In every exhibit venue we set up the pink chair itself and invite people to participate in the exhibit:


The pink chair, stool, table remembrance Journal, post-its sign, and cup with pens/pencils

The sign on the board by the pink chair read:

Remembrance Journal

Please become part of this exhibit by

1. Sitting down in the pink chair and think about those you love. If you have time, read my mother’s book. Relax. Dream.

2. Writing something in the little black “Remembrance” book about someone you loved or by telling what you did or do to remember them.
(If you want your words to remain in the journal and not be shared with others, please make a note of that in the entry).

3. Putting the name of someone you love on a post-it (they are on the table) and posting it where the others are.

The book is now quite ragged on the edges and the post-its are in some cares, 5 or six deep. Many people have sat in the chair, which now sports a pink and white doily draped over it knit by my friend, Trysh, for my mom.


I want to share some of the comments people have made and invite you to share your own thoughts below in the comments section.

1. Is there any greater”HIgh” than to love of one creature for another??? Clearly the answer is found within the heart.

2. We often do not realize how much we miss those that shared life with us until they are gone. Thank you to all those souls, animal and human, that have walked with me in life and will walk with me again.

3. I am just 13 and I heard about this exhibit last night. My first response to the question of if I was interested was that I was far to busy as I am in the process of writing a novel. I thought about it and decided that if I came I may be able to get some inspiration. When I walked in the door and saw this pink chair that I am sitting on as I write, I got an experience that no other write would be able to say. I felt everyone in the room’s loved ones here, whether they were currently with us or not. I hope that when I put this book down and get up from this chair that I will be sharing more than my words but my memories and my amazing experience here. Much love to all of those who I have lost.

4. Miss you, ….., …… – I think of you every day – your love surrounds and comforts me – thank you Lynne – I can’t pick a favorite – because they’re all from your heart – and each one speaks to me in a different way –

5. Thank you for sharing your love with us. I have a mom who is very sick and often doesn’t remember me, but every time she laughs, she makes my life that much brighter. At times I feel that I have lost her already and grieve for her in my own way. I read her poetry, her recipes, and look at her pictures; touch the clothes she made for me and feel like a child in her arms again.

6. What a moving room of possibilities – An opportune moment to reflect on life’s cherished moments and remembrances. A chance to open one’s heart. Funny – I wore my hot pink heart cashmere sweater today! I am my Dad’s caretaker now. It is not always easy but the love and precious time we have is well, precious. We did not “grow-up” together, as my Mom and Dad divorced when I wan 9 years old. I am discovering many things about myself and him and I love your titles and your quality of painting water. Your colors are luscious!

7. I now know that a picture can really hold a thousand words. When I looked at your beautiful paintings, I was taken back. When I was just a baby, my grandmother died from cancer. I barely knew her but I felt like she was a part of me (that sounds sorta cheesy). Anyway, I miss her a lot and sometimes when I’m really depressed, I sleep with my only picture of her clutched to my chest. She is a special person in my life and I want to thank you for bringing those memories back to me with your paintings. I’m very touched. ……P.S. I’m 12 years old!

8. Thank you very much for this lovely exhibit. I had seen the write up in nthe Globe North a few weeks ago and having lost my mother in Dec 2011, was immediately drawn to it. Then a few weeks ago, …..when we arrived (at the Scala Art Center) we saw the pink chair in the window and the paintings in the exhibit and couldn’t believe our serendipity. Thank you for sharing your great work/process. I am somewhat jealous that you have an object whereby to channel the work, as I am still slogging my way through.

9. To my wife, ….my hero – you battle so hard and yet still find time to be a great wife and mother. You will alwaysbe the only one for me. The paintings touch our lives, the beach scenes, all our best memories. Grateful for time always and Beauty as well.

10. To my mother who was a strong spiritual example to me as she fought breast cancer. My faith and God’s grace are getting me through my long battle (since 2003) with breast cancer. My husbnd takes such good care of me and is with me along the way. My children support me tremendously as well as do so many wonderful friends. Let us all pray for a cure for this disease…this terrible disease that seems to touch th elives of so many people.

11. Thanks, God, for giving me a second chance of life.

12. Mami, vas a superar esto, eves una guerrera te amo y admiro anuque no siempre lo demuestre.

13. Sitting in this pink chair and looking around this waiting room and seeing all the strong patients and their families staying strong and positive through the rough patches they go through is an inspiration, know we can get through the battle.

14. Sitting in this pink chair looking around, and thinking life is too short for anger and try to take one day at a time.

15. Sitting in the pink chair brought me a strong sense of connection to my Dad, whom lymphoma claimed last year.

16. Sitting in the pink chair – thank you for a wonderful opportunity – sharing your art work and especially your mom. I have gained strength from the experience. Today is the last day of chemo and I will be strong for what lays ahead. Sthregth has come from my Dad who struggled through various cancers with a strong will and tough spirit. Thank you Dad – because of your strength – I have been strong. You would be proud of your family – they have gotten me through this chapter and will continue to do so. You have made us all strong and full of love. Miss you everyday.

17. Thank you for sharing, touching, and looking. It brings us all together as humans on this journey – your art, your remembrance, your generous spirit.I am glad that in this room, where I am usually sad, today I had your art, your thoughts, and your heart embracing me.

18. Vigilence with mammograms has given me the rest of my life. Thank you God for instilling the need to take care of this body!

19. You never know how much “Love” surrounds you until you go through something like this. I was overwhelmed with prayers and positive thoughts – and that is what got me through the worst of it. God bless your mom!

20. Thank you to my family, my husband who helped me get through even when I was tired of the fight, to go on. They pushed me and took care of me. When I needed God He was there for me. Thank you, dear God I love you all.

21. To my mother (I) am verry happy of having a good dad too, but I never had a dog in my house I passed my time watching tv.

22. April 11, 2012 my new favorite number!! Wow! What a day! I go off of the pills! YAY! Does this mean I can finally say the C word as in CURE? not cancer? This is a wonderful day, a wonderful , wondrous exhibit. I am so fortunate for early detection, vigilance, health insurance, family, God, and research – I sit in the pink chair – my color of hope, once the color of despair – the paintings here are ALIVE with color and spirit and love not death though the woman died for whom they were painted – BUT SUCH LOVE!! Surely she feels that from beyond and sends it now – Thank you for sharing this exhibit – It should certainly add hope to patients in the dark days, the scary days, the nauseous days…I pray for all of you that your outcome is as awesome as mine was ….THANK YOU! ….NO MORE CANCER! Still…I take it one day at a time. We know not what ugly monster awaits. We need more research and funding and hope and prayers and love. Never give up!….Sit in the chair….I can feel your Mom hugging me. Love and thanks, a grateful breast cancer survivor.

23. There isn’t a day that goes by that I (don’t) thank the doctors and nurses for all their help and God bless us all. Take good care of (the) cancer unit.

24. God bless my strong and brave wife. How she went through this bad time in our life……she is the strongest person I know.

25. Here with my 18 yrs. old daughter,….. I was diagnosed when she was going into first grade and now she is graduating. 12 years of survivorship so far and I feel blessed. My children are my angels that keep me going. My son was three and has grown into a compassionate young man. I never thought I would get to see him grow up. Hopefully, today will be my last infusion, but I will fight and be the strong woman I am!

26. 4 years now, living well but still worried (in case) of a recurrence. Chemo has burdened me with neuropathy. The new normal is very different from my pre-cancer life, I pray everyday for strength to cope with my ailments. God has me on a different path, a new cross to bear. Have faith, I believe the best is yet to come!

27. I am a survivor. Thank you for loving your mother and sharing your grieving process. PS I had the best mother in the world!

28. I herd your talk in Melrose this past Wednesday and was inspired to see your paintings hung at MGH. They are even better in the original firm. Thank you for sharing your story.

29. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful and colorful story – love your painting.

30. I am a survivor. Grateful everyday.

31. Thank you, Lynne Schulte super-mega-much-infinity for the PINK CHAIR project. You remind us to SIT, rest, smell the roses and appreciate the beauty of natural surroundings. Ah! Breathe in….Aha! Breathe out…..or is it Aha! Breathe in …and Ahhhhh…Breathe out.Anyway we think aloud. Thank you for helping us to catch our breaths, to create the relaxation response in daily living.

32. Thank you for your colorful Pink Chair Paintings. I immediately thought “have chair, will travel” That’s exactly what you have done. The inspirationof your painting – the thought of your mother – is most touching. I know another artist who lost a dear one and she did a whole series of a white plastic chair paintings. I know she too was helped in dealing with her loss.

33. I love all of my 8 children, but the one I love the most is the 9 month pregnancy and child, ….that I lost and never held. She gave me back my life to continue to love and learn to grieve and help others to work through loss and grief. A grateful artist, mother, friend and lover.

34. So inspiring, wonderful work to honor the memory of your mother. Each painting a delight.

35. Wonderful show, Lynne. Inspirational.

36. Bruva Diva. Sush a blessing to share!

37. So sweet and lovely.

38. I miss my Papa who passed away in February. He always gave me big bear hugs. RIP! I love you! This chair made me feel his warm embrace just one more time.

39. I miss my aAunty …..She died in a traumatic car accident after she just defeated cancer! I miss talking to her! I love you ……. Keep on running! I love this chair it makes me remember ….., and it makes me happy!

40. I am afraid of nothing…except a house burning down and that reason why is my Grandfather. It was Thanksgiving and we werer all about to say grace when we got a call. It was 911 my Dad answered and when he heard what happened he dropped the phone and slid to the floor crying. He was crying because his Dad and my Grandfather had died in a house fire. It was very scary for me to see my Dad cry like that. I figured out later that the fire started because my Grandfather overcooked the turkey and it caught fire. My Grandfather died because he was in front of the oven trying to turn the smoke alarm off. I had only met this Grandfather once for when this happened I was three but I will always remember his smile and his kindness.

41. With deep gratitude and love to my mom for her inspiring creativity – may you be looking down with joy on Sean’s show! xxxooo

42.I loved looking through “This Is Me”. Whoever worked on the book did a wonderful job.

43. In remembrance of my beautiful mother-in-law, …., looking down like your Mom with a smile at these beautiful paintings and memories they bring. …. also made some wonderful paintings which we spread out amongst the family to share. I sense …..’s presence and her giggles as we view this exhibit. So touching. Thanks so much for sharing your life with us.

44.Just beautiful paintings! Coming to Rockport to see you!

45. Beautiful paintings in memory and in the presence of your Mom’s spirit. I love your descriptions of the places you put the pink chair and your mother’s influence on your paintings and titles –wonderful, inspirational. I miss my nana who was part of my life for 40 years. I feel her presence all the time, especially at her home on Lake Winnipesaukee with 2 green adirondack chairs. I now enjoy every moment I have with my mom, ….., as she is 81 now. She always says, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, too!

46. Honored to have met you and your mom through your wonderful work. So bright and thoughtful. Amazing in how you have been able to put spirit into such intimate paintings. The reflections are great! Love the idea of the pink chair.

47. Such a wonderful inspiring show – and using my favorite color – hot pink! Seriously, your work is beautiful – rich in value – feeling – composition – Your Mom would have been so proud! A wonderful concept – a beautiful tribute and a fabulous growth and grieving process for you. Thank you.

48. I will miss the soft mist from the early morning,..….I will miss this old england styled town,…..I will miss the moon light in my old window,….I willmiss you a lot.. I will miss watching the sunsets at the beach,….I will really miss you…..I will miss wondering how life is on other places, ….I’m really going to miss you. I will really miss the tea in the afternoon,….You will never understand how much I’m going to miss you. I will miss how life slowly passes by in front of my eyes. Oh,my dear, I will miss you madly. But in recap, after counting all the things that I will miss, there is no doubt about that is something to be said,….There is no such a thing that I will miss more, …Than that beautiful person who possesses all my love.

49. Seeing your paintings reminds me of my father, how he used to take me to the beach where he would fish and I would beach comb. I think I miss his laugh most of all.

50. My plastic chair is peach, sitting under the tree that was planted in my mother’s memory after she died at age 86. I can sit there and talk with her – even if I cannot paint the chair! Thank you for adding to it’s value.

51. The pink chair is lovely in all its incarnations. It is a very special image and sensibility.

52. Your artworkis exquisite! I am so honored tohave your cards in the shop. Be well – keep painting – take your energy as you find it.

53. Thanks, Mom! I see you in me everyday!

54. Absolutely lovely idea and execution.

55. Thank you for this touching Remembrance Show – I’m so sorry to have missed Sunday – but really enjoyed a family gathering at my home – This year without my beloved sister and husband, both to cancer, we are all touched by death while we live – The way to life – what we do with that “touching” becomes our own legacy – Thank you for sharing your creation with me – it helps me to create and continue!!At first I didn’t think I would be able to sit in your pink chair. But I have and it is comforting and full of love – Life is so fleeting – you are using it well! In gratitude,, best to you – blessed to be part of your book.

56. I enjoy your work, especially the “Meditation” and I feel you really capture this. Also the poppies are gorgeous. Being a writer, I’m glad to have seen your work.

57. Sometimes your heart can’t be where it belongs. Sometimes we break it in so many pieces and give those pieces to somebody else. Sometimes is the closest we get. Keep safe these pieces, I love you, …….


MORE TO COME, please check back….