Sailing Home

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“Sailing Home”
Oil on Canvas

Rockport, MA is a special place for me and has always nourished my art. I used to say my car went there all by itself! So it naturally came to pass that I had to take “Mom” there too. I set up right on the T wharf but instead of doing “Motif #1”, the building that has inspired so many artists, I placed the chair on the pier high over the water, looking out to sea, through the jetties on either side. It was a gray day, cloudy, but comfortable. It was a 4 hour session, longer than usual because of the interruptions. The sky was pretty boring, all grey and kind of flat and I said in a kidding manner, “Mom, can you do something about that?” Within 15 minutes, the sky took on a interesting pattern of clouds with tiny bits of blue, which I gladly painted in. I left the water empty until almost the last minute, when a children’s sailing school with small sailboats came tacking back home after their lesson. Without thinking, I quickly painted them into the piece, and it was done. Later, after packing up the car, an extreme tiredness came over me. I could barely make it to the bench, where I laid down for a while. Ravenous, I finally got up, and still tired, barely made it to the restaurant. I ate quietly and again, barely made it back to the car. I have never been so tired after painting, and had no fatigue during the painting process. Later, showing the painting to my friend Teresa, a therapist, I told her the story. She said: Lynne, you are doing grief work. You need to plan a nap after every painting. I said I didn’t feel sad or grief; I had just been painting. She said “Lynne, look at it! That is grief work if I ever saw it!” Then I saw the powerful message of that small (16×16) piece. I instantly knew the title.

The original of this painting has been sold.

This image is available as a Giclee print on paper or canvas.

A Giclee print is a museum quality print that has been professionally prepared with archival inks and archival paper or canvas and proofed by the artist to insure the greatest integrity of color match with the original painting. Giclee is the French word for print.

Lynne Schulte’s Giclee prints are individually titled, editioned and signed by the artist. They are available on either heavyweight paper with a two-inch border or on canvas that has been gallery wrapped so that it may be hung with or without a frame.

“Sailing Home” giclee on paper prices

14×14 – $150
12×12 – $130
10×10 – $110
8×8 – $70

6×6 – $55

“Sailing Home” giclee on canvas prices
14×14 – $230
10×10 – $170